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Unfortunately our hosting provider decided to disable the website because of the forum script. In order to get the website back online I have had to remove the forum.

I will be putting an online chat/discussion feature in its place for now and will be sourcing alternative hosting.

Heart Internet charge a lot of money and offer apparently no technical support and will quite happily take a website offline with no notice whatsoever.


I will try and keep you updated.

Ta very muchly! 

UPDATE: I have some forum/commenting software up and running at http://www.smallcarsbighearts.co.uk/soapbox/#!/ hopefully this will allow us to communicate!

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Our lives are falling apart but we are still here, our house has suffered from neglect for the past 8 years due to one battle or another and now I have bits falling off our mini how low can it get. Then yesterday I get a phone call from Eddie Farwell from the CHSW. For the last 2 years we have been trying to raise enough money to buy an eight seated mini bus for Little Bridge House because their bigger one is getting a bit old and you need an PSV to drive it. He said Terry I have to tell you that you have not raised enough for one mini bus but two and they are going to be delivered in October. One for Little Bridge House and one for Charlton Farm in Bristol and you have not been over to see the Jacuzzi room yet that you lot have paid to have refurbished because it has two pictures of mini on the wall. So to all those mini owners who help with and take part in that thing at the end of August and those Bike marshal and everyone else who helps a big Thank you together we make these things happen.

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I would like to thank you all. We are a family that uses Little Bridge House. You have made such a difference. We used the 'tatty bone shaker' of a mini bus for a trip with my two children, so for Little Bridge to be able to have a brand new one is 'awesome'.let alone the families that will be able to use it. So no more bone shaking from October!! Thank you all - you are all a fab bunch of people who have been able to achieve so much over the years.
We have watched the minis for many years and the last few years we used to stand outside Little Bridge waving our home made flags with Katherine and Thomas as it was far easier to be there in their wheelchairs and enjoy the minis tooting around the roundabout.
Unfortunately Thomas passed away unexpectedly on 20 April. As Thomas loved the minis,Some of you were kind enough to respond to my request and were in attendance for Thomas's 'celebration of his life'on 6 May. We did not want 'pomp' for Thomas, we wanted fun, because that's what he was, fun and full of mischief and loved life ! It made it so special to us to have a small convey of minis behind us tooting and having fun from home to Little Bridge Chapel. So thank you, whoever you were, you made the day special.
Also, we cannot thank you all enough for everything you have achieved. My daughter loves the new jacuzzi, can't wait for her next visit! No doubt we will use the mini bus for a trip for her in the future. I don't know if this is ok to post here, but I just wanted to let you all know by your hard work you have made a huge difference to families like mine. Terry, I totally 'get' your decision that there will be no mini run this year. Life is too short and family is precious. We never knew we would be needing a place like Little Bridge, but we were very fortunate that it was on our doorstep when we did, and we had you fantastic minis raise funds for them. Walking into Little Bridge is like having a warm hug. We are grateful for being able to stay there and have their support for when Thomas passed away at Taunton hospital. So all of you who have ever been in a mini run or fun raised for Little Bridge House, I thank you so much..... You made a difference. X

Sharon Elizabeth Tryes

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It is with an incredible sad heart that we have to say we are going to have to cancel this year’s LGT. Maybe this is the hardest thing we have had to do since we began the event 20 years ago. We know so many people use the LGT as a holiday and we wish that we did not have to make this decision but we feel there is no way we could cope with the stress of the event and with everything else that is going on in our life. So please do not send any more booking forms to us. If you have already paid for the event we will begin refunding your money and cheques.

We have tried our hardest to put the event on but the pressure of everything has just been too much and we not getting any younger. 

The last  7 years have not been the easiest for our family but we have been there for each other and our friends have been there for us and we could never thank them enough for their support  and help they have given us.

To our friends who have given so much to this event I have to say sorry for not telling you earlier but once Linda and I had made our decision we just had to get on and do it. You can rest assured that after 20 years Linda and I will miss the event more than anyone.  

So far over the last 20 years our event with your help has raised over £400,000 and it has brought a great deal of money into the North Devon Community. It has always been a fantastic event, maybe one of the best in the country and the people of North Devon have always given us such a welcome were ever we go and I think they will miss it as well.

As I have already said this is one of the hardest decisions we have made but now we have made it and told you we feel a great burden has already been lifted from us.

Our house is now up for sale and we are going to move closer to the family who live in Somerset. At the present time we are unsure what we will do about next years LGT.

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Press Release   

We realise you may not be interest in our story but you should know why Linda and me are just so tired and why we want to get away.            

In 2006 we built a shed along the bottom of our garden on land that we had been using since we bought the property in 1988 and it was on land that was clearly within the red box on our title deed. In 2008 Devon CC came along and said we had built the shed on their land and they wanted it back. We sent them loads of evidence including aerial photographs of the land but they still insisted that it was theirs.

Devon CC took 2 years and spent £11,000 just getting us into court so you would think the land was a valuable building plot. The piece of land on which the shed was built was all but worthless because our property was bounded by a stream and a pond and you could not get to it without putting yourself at risk of injury. We believe two years and £11,000 is a wilful excess of authority over such a worthless bit of land.

At first we were representing ourselves and we put our faith in the Justice system and that was a big mistake. We were light weights, amateurs but when we got to court we realised we were up against professional heavy weights and we did not know until recently that they were all wearing knuckle dusters.

Just before our last application to get an appeal we realised that the 2 most important submissions made by Devon CC at the start of the court case contained a whole catalogue of misleading and deceptive statements and they had even manipulated the evidence to forward their own case and in doing we believed it denied us the right to a fair trial.

The misleading and deceptive submissions by Devon CC were not mistakes and could never be called mistakes these were done wilfully without reason, excuse or justification. All of the accusations we have made within this press release are not hearsay but come from the written submissions submitted to the court by Devon CC at the beginning of our trial and we have attached them to this press release.

The first of their submission was called a Particulars of Claim and it should be a concise statement of facts on which the claimant relies and it is signed by a statement of truth. Attached to the Particulars of claim was a plan of our property (marked DCC 1) showing the shed to be outside of our boundary. The plan that Devon CC was using was an Ordinance Survey map which shows our rear boundary as a straight line from one side of the garden to the other. What Devon CC should have used was our Land Registry title deed DN15489 with the red box which showed our rear boundary deviating north and then the shed would have been inside our boundary and for this there can be no excuse except to mislead and deceive the court.

In paragraph 2 of the Particulars of claim Devon CC state “The defendants are freehold owner of the property with title number DN495548 this is also so deceptive because they have manipulated the evidence because Devon CC know the title deed to our property is DN15489. It is perfectly clear that if they had used DN15489 in the Particulars of claim it would not have suited their purpose because it would have shown how the rear boundary to our property deviates north and in doing so would have put the shed within our boundary.

The title deed DN495548 belongs to a small plot of land we own next to our property and has nothing to do with disputed land.

In paragraph 3 of the Particulars of claim Devon CC state “The full extent of what now is our property is shown coloured blue. This is also misleading because the area coloured blue contains 2 plots DN495548 our small plot and DN15489 on which our house sits. It is misleading not to show the 2 plots as separate entities with the correct rear boundary lines but once again it would not have suited their purpose to show them as separate entities because they would have had to show the difference in the rear boundary lines.  

Paragraph 3 also states “The original western boundary of our property is delineated by a straight black line within the area coloured blue” This is not true as there are 2 black boundary lines within the area coloured blue but neither of them is right. The original boundary to our property can be seen on our title deed DN15489 and the shape of our original boundary is supported by the title deed DN495548.  

It would not have served their purpose to show the real original boundaries between the 2 titles because the anomaly at the top left hand corner fitted the shape of both our small plot DN495548 and the title deed to our property DN15489 but not the OS map marked DCC1 as submitted to the court in the Particulars of claim. If they had used the correct title deed there would have been completely different picture.   

Once again it is clear that if they had shown the correct western boundary to our property it would not have suited their purpose because it would have shown how wrong Ordnance Survey maps can be compared to HMLR title deeds. In taking this action Devon CC has once again knowingly used the particulars of claim and its attached OS map to present to the court misleading facts in order to reinforce their deception that the rear boundary to our property is delineated by a straight line from our neighbour’s wall as shown on the OS map marked DCC1.  

Devon CC also claims in paragraph 3 that we registered a possessory title to the land on our western side in 2006. Once again this is untrue we were granted a possessory title to the land ten years ago in 2004 as the title deed to DN495548 states. What the title deed does not say is that at the time we were granted the possessory title no one knew who owned the land because Devon CC did not bother to get the land registered until 2006. Our solicitor who was dealing with our claim at the time also did a search but could not find out who owned the land and we did nothing wrong or illegal.

DN495548 is a small plot of land next to ours and Devon CC should be asked why they never continued their attempted to regain the land on our western side instead of going for the worthless strip of land along the bottom of our garden.

The next important submission Devon CC made at the start of the trial was the case summary. Within the case summary they have twice mentioned that the registered titles depict a boundary in accordance with a straight line running behind the defendants and their neighbours properties.

Once again this is misleading and deceptive and Devon CC knows it. The registered title to our property is DN15489 and that clearly shows our rear boundary deviating north making the shed within our boundary. It does not depict a boundary in accordance with a straight line running behind the defendants and their neighbour’s property.

By manipulating the evidence as Devon CC have done, they then go on to claim that the burden of proof of thus lies with the defendants. Had Devon CC used the correct title deed to our property (DN15489) it would clearly show the shed to be within our boundary and then the burden of proof would lie with the Clamant as it should be.

It is obviously clear that the way Devon CC had manipulated the evidence in such a way that it was misleading to the court and it was also an abuse of the legal system and once again they tried to deny us our right to a fair trial by planting seeds of doubt about our innocence. Devon CC was implying to the court that we were guilty and had to prove our innocence rather than being innocent and them having to prove us guilty.

In 2009 one of Devon CC’s own Geometric Surveyors did a survey along the rear boundaries of the street and our property and the result is the plan attached to Devon CC Particulars of Claim and marked DCC1.

Once again our title deeds DN15489 were ignored this time by Devon CC own Surveyor but even more important the resulting report that was submitted to the court which included the plan marked DCC1 was never signed by the surveyor neither did he sign a statement of truth supporting the report and plan before it was submitted to the court. So the plan marked DCC1 should never have been submitted as evidence because it was never signed by a statement of truth. Yet it was a major piece of their evidence on which they had based all of their accusations upon. Their surveyors report also contained a number of other misleading statements.

It is clear right from the very start that Devon CC had purposely ignored our title deed DN15489 because if they had admitted its existence it would have defeated their case. This could never be called a mistake it was a planned strategy intended to mislead and deceived the court into believing the rear boundary to our property was a straight line from one side to the other.

Our title deeds are the most important piece of evidence there is concerning our boundaries and they are kept safe for us by Her Majesties Land Registry who better to look after them. So for Devon CC to ignore our title deed is an indictment in itself. 

The actions by Devon CC would not have been taken lightly because they were unlawful and they knew it. The only reason why Devon CC took this action was because they knew their case could not or would not stand on its own merit.

We should never have been taken to court with such a misleading Particulars of Claim and Case Summary. Devon CC thought this was going to be a one day trial and they must of felt they could take the risk with their unlawful submissions because we would not know any better but it back fired and it wasn’t a quick in and out like they expected but instead it lasted 6 years and it gave us the chance to realise what they had done.

We believe that Devon CC should face misconduct in Public Office investigation but we already know that Devon CC will simply reply that all these matters should have been taken up in court and now it is too late. If Devon CC were ordinary laypeople we would agree but Devon CC are not ordinary people they are Public Officers and as such their integrity and honesty should be beyond reproach and the public must have absolute confidence in the veracity of those in Public Office specially those officers who work for Devon CC who are also officers of the court who sat back and allowed the court to be misled.

We believe Public Officers should always be accountable for their action no matter how long ago it happened because of the trust that was placed on them when they became Public Officers. We know the majority of the Public Officers who work within Devon CC are honest and true and are proud to be Public Officers because of the good they can do but those few who act with malice to seek revenge can tarnish everyone’s reputation.

The decision to submit to the court misleading Particulars of claim and case summary would have been made by someone high up in Devon CC before the court case started and their strategy to withhold our title deed DN15489 or any other information that was adverse to their case was also planned long before the court case started.

We believe that any Public Officer who signs a statement of truth or even knew that one would be submitted to the court knowing it to be untrue is acting unlawful and that must be misconduct in Public Office. It does not matter when they did it, neither does the outcome of the case matter, the simple fact is they lied to the court and their honestly and integrity must be bought to account.

There must have been so many meeting over the two years it took them to get us to court, so how many other Public Officers knew what was happening because you only need 2 and you have a conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice or Conspiracy to commit a civil wrong or a conspiracy to do something legal by illegal means. Whatever they did it denied us the right to a fair trial

As well as those Public Officers who gave their permission for the misleading submission to be presented to the Court their witnesses were also in Public Officer and in the pay of Devon CC and their part in this court case should also be investigated.  

 We believe there is a need to find out the truth about who was involved and how high up the ladder the responsibility goes for their actions. The dinosaurs at Devon SS who still believe they are in the 18th Century and above the law must be bought down to earth. The people in Public Officer must have the trust of the people but if they can lie, mislead and deceiving the court, as they have done without any second thoughts or remorse what does that say about their honesty and integrity and it is all over such a small insignificant worthless piece of land but it was ours.   

 Eleanor Roosevelt, “In Our Hands” (1958 speech delivered on the tenth anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world.(Like the bottom of our garden) Yet they are the world of the individual person; the neighbourhood he lives in; the school or college he attends; the factory, farm or office where he works. Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity without discrimination. Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerned citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world.”

She also said “Do what you feel in your heart to be right—for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

Our case may look very complicated but under all the big long words and tons of paperwork it is simple. Devon CC misled the court and manipulated the evidence and it was done with malicious to teach as a lesson because of the land we gained a possessory title over in 2004. Their idea of Justice was an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and they did not care how they achieved it.   They used wilful excesses of official authority for such a worthless bit of land and they did it intentionally to inflict as much harm on us (me) as they could and they did and it lasted 6 years and it is still not over. They did not spend two years and £11,000 to get a worthless piece of land back they spent it to get even with me. Yet we have not done anything wrong or illegal and we certainly did not mislead a court.

Their intention to make this court action a quick in and out fell apart on the first day when the Judge opened the court session and declared a conflict of interest because he under took work as a contract solicitor for Devon CC.

We believe we do need an investigation to make sure that none of the Public Officers within Devon CC have committed misconduct in a Public Office or even worse a conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice and to make sure those Public Offices who do have integrity and honesty as most of them do will not be tarnished by the same brush as those who abuse their powers.

  T & L M Baker

We feel that we should add when Devon CC started this action they had no concerns about the consequences their actions would have on other members of our family, other than me. When our daughters were diagnosed with breast cancer we could not move because of the boundary dispute and 5 years later when the breast cancer returned we still could not move because the dispute was still going on. This time our daughter needed us more than ever because she now had two young children we could not always make it and that hurt us so much. It hurt because for all those years we had supported so many families with seriously ill children but when it came to our own daughters we could do very little because we were just too far away.