Three weeks to go and still a lot of work to do and not just for me, if you have not given a thought to your fancy dress yet, you had better get a move on. Over the August Bank Holiday the LGT will make you feel like a movie star and we will bring thousands of people out into the streets to give you a wave and to put money into the Bikers buckets, we have the most unique street  collection in the Country. They are not waving at you because you look like a movie star or Royalty nor because of the car you drive, they are waving at you because of what you do and how you do it. So this Bank Holiday Monday give them something to look at and make them smile by wearing some fancy dress and decorate you MiNi even if it is only a few balloons and a bit of ribbon and be a real part of something that is very special and  you will remember it for a great many years. If our Bikers can do it why can’t  you.