We have now booked in over 260 Minis so will you please stop asking me if I can find just one more place because there is no more room we are full, and I am not attempting another world record. I have been booking in MiNi owners since January, and that’s it, the booking office is closed. Where are you all coming from? Someone said to me the other day “I wish I had enough spare time to do what you do” and I replied, “So do I”.  Now you know why I do not do shows because I am so busy booking people in, so please stop asking until next year, I have other things to do, like ordering some more grill plaques and sorting out the Tee Shirts, which are fantastic and done by the Children from the CHSW.

If we already have over 260 MiNis booked in and how many others will join us on Northam Burrows after the Big Sheep Mini Show. That is surely going to be some event and evening cruise. I hope the front MiNi does not bump into the last MiNi, which has happened, because that could be embarrassing, especially with we’ve got us a “CONVOY” creeping up behind him and I am starting to hear the tune going around in my head already, have the nightmares began.

If you like going to shows in convoy like most of us do, imagine going to a show with 260 MiNis and then taking all the MiNis in convoy, one behind the other,  to  another show somewhere else because that is what we do for 2 and a bit days. Maybe, to be honest, ours is not a show it’s a happening where we take our MiNis and show them off to the people of North Devon who will come out in their Thousands to watch us go past. SO PLEASE NO MORE BOOKING FORMS, BECAUSE THIS YEARS LGT, HAS GONE WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS.