We never ever said the LGT is a nice relaxing event; we pack so much into the weekend, you go home feeling like you have been away for a fortnight with the Marines.  Sunday night is race night and lots of fun with 8 recorded races, and it does not cost a lot.  Bets are only 50p, or you could become a Jockey for a £1-00 and if you win you get £4-00. You could even become an owner and name your own horse for £3-00 and if you win you get £12-00. For all you syndicates out there you could sponsor a race and even give it your own name for as little as £10 and a chance to win £40. You do not have to come to the race just place a bet, and we will deliver your winnings in a security van. You can place you bets now by paypal and we will hold them for you, Food will be available during the evening, and you can bring your own drink. Here is the first 3 races we are still looking for Jockies and Sponsors  and owners.