There are now 57 places left for this year’s LGT, and this is my chance to remind everyone just what to expect. We do not have any traders because we are never in one place long enough for them to set up their stalls. We do not have sponsors because sometimes they ask too much of us. If this is your first LGT, it  may be best if you took the occasional  look at the route because the lead Mini has no sense of direction and has been known to take the wrong turning, more than once. We never make any promises because there is nothing we can do if we find an HGV lorry has gone ahead in front of us and got stuck on a single track road four foot from a cliff edge.

Something to think about, if you have done the event before why not become a Marshal for the weekend, we will, of course, charge you the same entrance fee as everyone else but half of it will be donated to the CHSW. If we didn’t charge our Marshals for taking part, everyone would want to be Marshals. As a Marshal, you will see the event from a completely different angle, from the outside looking in; you will get to see how long it is and you will realize just why the LGT is such a special event.  But the most important thing about being a marshal is everyone taking part will get to see you, and that is how friends are made.