As most of you will know the money we raise and donate to the CHSW is given with restricted Funding, which means we have control over what that money is used for. We have never asked them what would they like; we always ask what do you need. I can say that every penny we have given to the CHSW has benefited the individual children and the families who use the Hospice.

Some of the best things we have funded have 4 wheels like the Mini Busses, and maybe some of you can remember the Peugeot Boxer Van we bought for Little Bridge House in 2007, and we also paid for the necessary conversion to take wheel Chairs, etc.

What a difference that made, not just for the Children but also the Carers. It meant we had given the Children a little more freedom during their stay at LBH. Now they can “Just pop down the road” to pick up a video of even a birthday card without having to go out in the Big Mini bus they had at the time.

Now we have been asked by Eddie Farwell if we would consider funding a new Peugeot Boxer Van for Little Harbour the Children’s Hospice in Cornwall the cost would be £26,455 which would include all the necessary conversions. It would mean we have funded a vehicle for all three Hospices except for Little Bridge House we have given them two.

If we can raise the £26,455, it would mean we would have raised over £500,000 but more important we would have given a little bit more freedom to the Special Children and their Carers at Little Harbour.