I hope everyone knows by now that we will be leaving Victoria Park at our normal time of 11-00am. You will be getting a new itinerary when you receive your tickets and this year if the weather is good to us we will be using the Carpark at Lee Abbey. The stop at Lee Abbey which we have all missed does have its problems the main one being it causes us to arrive even later at Ilfracombe.


In order that we can speed things up a bit we have made some minor changes. The first one is I will not forget the awards this year and the raffle will be limited to only 15 items. There will be an auction but it will be a very fast one because we have quite a lot of bits and pieces to get rid of at silly prices.

The other major change will be that you will only have one voting slip and that will be for driver’s choice all the other awards will be picked by our brand new set of Judges. All the Judges have been winners and all of them have been doing the LGT for many years. I hope these changes will make Ilfracombe run a little smoother. When you think about it my Crew Members do an incredible job at Ilfracombe getting it sorted and everything else but they have had a few years’ experience and are very good at it.