Well, they think it is all over and it is for some, but for me, it is not. My workshop looks like a bomb has hit it and I still have a pile of paperwork to do, and the adrenalin has begun to subside as life returns to normality, whatever that is. The LGT is a very special event and not just for the amount of money it has raised but also for the memoirs that it creates especially for the families who watch us at Little Bridge House. It is a sight few people ever forget because it is so special and it is nice to know that it belongs to North Devon.

From our very first Grand Tour for the CHSW all those years ago, the money we raise has been used to supply them with whatever they need, and all they have to do is ask, and we try our best, occasionally it has taken more than one year to get it. This year we have already raised £22,000 and the CHSW received the money the next day and we know that will keep raising for a few months. Our Motorbike collectors raised £4180-50p and once again our only complaint is that we left people with money in their hands. So if you were one of those people who were left with money in their hands or if we impressed you with our efforts you can still make a donation at www.smallcarsbighearts.co.uk and press the big DONATE BUTTON. and your money will go straight to the CHSW were it belongs.