When I opened this year’s event, I had 195 mini owners who raised £35 or more in sponsorship, and as promised, their places have been reserved until the first of June. It was not until after I posted them I realised just how bad the postal service had become. I wasted a lot of time and money sending out additional registration forms, time and time again, and some people must have a stockpile of them.

The other problem I had was that not everyone sent their sponsorship money to the CHSW, who kept a check on how much sponsorship each participant had raised. But everyone who sent me some form of proof that it had been handed into the CHSW received their Registration form. Going to find a better way next year

We now have 128 Minis paid up and booked in, and things are hotting up, so it might be best if you return your registration form along with the fee as soon as possible as I have a long list of Mini owners waiting to take part, and it is driving me mad and the list keeps getting longer every day..