Since Monday 13 January we have posted 325 Grand Tour Booking forms, and in a matter of two weeks, 101 forms have been returned. There are now 149 places left, and it feels a bit déjà vu, just like last year, except this year there is no IMM. Please remember the LGT is a ticket only event; having a booking form does not guarantee you a place. The maximum number of Minis we can take out is 250, so as soon as we reach the maximum, we have to close the event.

I cannot send out any more booking forms until later next month, because we have to see if there are any places left. If you have booked in and you are waiting for your tickets to arrive,  don’t panic; we are not sending them out until all of the 250 places are gone.

Do not forget, we ask every Mini to raise a minimum of £35, for the CHSW, but more would be nice, we will send you a sponsorship form. If you feel you cannot raise that amount, then please think about not taking the place of someone who can. It might be best to remember, if you do not return your sponsorship form to us, you will not get a booking form next year.