I promised myself that we would never take out more than 200 Minis ever again. This year we already have 230 assorted Minis booked in, so instead of being certified and locked up I have closed the bookings for this year’s LGT. Those people whom I have already told are welcome need not worry as their places are safe. This year more than ever I cannot believe the excitement that is going through our face book pages, and I often wonder what we started all those years ago, but it will be the biggest run  for a long time. We will cope because of our incredible Motorbike Marshals and our own fantastic Crew Members

Just because the event is full up you can still be part of it by joining us at the Big Sheep Mini Show which is free. Should you want to go into the Big Sheep, the Driver will get in free, and up to six passengers will get in for half price. If you come along to the Show, you will be welcome to join us in the evening for an incredible cruise around Westward Ho! and Appledore and then back to the Big Sheep for even more fun. If you own a Mini and have children what a fantastic way to finish the summer holidays, give them something they will remember for a long time, if you do not have any children then borrow the neighbours for the day.  We do have to say children are not compulsory to get into the show but if you do bring some, you will make their day .