Small Cars, Big Hearts


Drivers Choice” The Christopher Tucker Memorial Shield”  went to X948 JWP

Best Dressed Classic Mini ……………..S8785 DTT

Best Dressed New Mini                        K2 GGC

Best Dressed Group                            The American Soldier’s plus Mini

Best Dressed Female                         Karena Smith

Best Dressed Male                           The Joker

Best Dressed Boy and Girl                 The Americans Children

Furthest Travelled Mini                      Molly Wilkinson

Furthest Travelled Motorbike            Chris & Sandra

Favourite Motor Bike                        WA58 MSX

As an outsider to the fancy dress except for my Red Hivis jacket I just cannot believe the incredible work that goes into all your fancy dress and I am so glad I do not have to do the judging. I look at the cars as they drive by and wonder just what have I have created and what you have turned the LGT into. I look at some of the awesome creations that bring thousands of people into the streets to watch us go by and this year I saw a police officer trying not to smile as he heard Convoy blasting out and 2 policewoman wave but the magic of it all was when we went into Little Bridge House and the welcome we got from everyone was overwhelming, it just seemed different this year. I love the LGT and everything that you have turned it into, I love doing what we do for the smiles that we raise and the difference that we can make. GOD BLESS THE LGT AND EVERY ONE THAT TAKES PART..