Yesterday I was reminded that I have to do what I think is best for the LGT and I am so grateful because over the last couple of years my priorities have got a little mixed up. I have never worried about how much money the LGT brings in because I knew if we could give the Mini Owners the best ride of their lives the money would follow and come in as sponsorship and it does. With that in mind I have made a decision and we will now be leaving Bideford Park at the normal time 11-00 am because that is what we have done for the last 15 years and I do not care what time we get into Ilfracombe. We do not raise any money from the people waiting for us in Ilfracombe but from the participant, so why should we shorten the event and their enjoyment when they have waited a whole year for it.  So a new itinerary will be posted on the web page soon so you can download it so get working on your sponsorship or I will make it an 7-00am start.