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I know I said this year we are going to raise enough money to bring the sparkle back to the Magical Narnia Sensory Garden but on Thursday 28th May I received a phone call from Eddie Farwell asking if we could do something very special for next year’s 25th anniversary of the founding of the Children’s Hospice SW. He has asked if we could raise enough money this year and next year to completely refit and modify the Messy Play Area at Little Bridge House. I did not have to be asked twice because Messy Play has always been so close to the hearts of those of us that owns a Mini or a Motorbike. We never need an excuse to go out and tinker with them and get messy.

On the very first Grand Tour on behalf of the Children’s Hospice SW we raised £6000 and it went towards extending the Messy Play area at Little Bridge House, since then we have given the Children’s Hospice SW £136,000 to build and equip the Messy Play Area at Charlton Farm in Bristol and a further £93,000 to build and equip the Messy Play Area at Little Harbour in Cornwall.

As much as we can joke about Messy play it is so important because it breaks down barriers and is used as therapy, not just for the special children but also their brothers and sisters. Sometimes the Children have so much to say and ask but they cannot find the words to express how they feel, that’s when Messy Play works best. Every picture that comes out of Messy Play tells a story and just like a photo or letter the picture is there forever, alongside all the other treasured memories, something for Mum and dad to keep and they do.

It might seem strange but we have now gone round full circle and finished last years task at the same place we began all those years ago at Messy Play  “I LOVE MESSY PLAY” and thank you for all your hard work well done everyone together we really do make a differance