Small Cars, Big Hearts

The Visit

On Saturday the 3rd of February at 11-00am we have been invited to Little Harbour the Children’s Hospice SW in Cornwall, to hand over the keys of their new Minibus. No one should ever underestimate the size of our achievements; because we have now given a Minibus to each of the 3 Children’s Hospices in the SW and it seems only fitting that they have come from a bunch of Mini owners.

We have been involved with Little Bridge House for a great many years especially with its messy playroom. When Charlton Farm was being built, we donated £130,000 to pay for and equip its messy playroom. Then when Little Harbour came along, we donated £95,000 for their messy playroom and equipment. We have never asked what the CHSW would like because they always end up telling us what they need and we do our best to obtain it for them, sometimes it might take a little longer than a year.

We never mind what Hospice we work for because we have seen the change that having 3 Children’s Hospices in the South West has made. At the start, Little Bridge House could look after 7 families at a time now they can look after 3 times that many from all 3 Counties, sadly no matter how many Children’s Hospices they build there will never be enough.

Since the LGT started 23 years ago, we have driven thousands of miles and raised over half a million pounds for charity, with most of it now going to the CHSW, during that time we have also supported lots of over associations and charities that help us put the event on. You can find out where the money has gone at

Our event is quite extraordinary 230 minis in convoy and 40 motorbikes that makes a 5-mile mobile traffic jam touring around North Devon, over the August Bank Holiday. Our motorbike marshals not only make sure the event runs smoothly they do a street collection as well.

Our total so far for last year’s event is over £23,000 enough for the Minibus and it still going up. Our street collections raised £4000.66p over the weekend and once again we still left money in people’s hands, which is the biggest complaint we get these days.

For some incredible photos and videos take a look at on our facebook page, The Legendary Grand Tour photos and video, and see for yourself why our event is so unique and for further information check out our web page