Happy New Year!

The new year sees the launch of our new website. We will be using this site to post updates about all of our upcoming events, ideas, news and updates.

The site will be used in conjunction with our Facebook and Twitter pages to keep you informed on The North Devon Legendary Grand Tour, in addition to any other runs and events we take part in.

The Legendary Grand Tour is unlike any other motoring event in the country because it is not confined to a field but let loose on the roads of North Devon.

What makes our event so special?

Our Minis do not drive off in groups of 20, or 1 every 3 minutes, but in a convoy one after the other. We could never call the LGT the biggest motoring event in the country because we restrict it to 250 minis but when it is out on the open road, in a convoy traveling at 30mph, it is nearly 10 miles long and can take 15 to 20 minutes to pass, so it must be one of the longest.

Somehow over the past 20 years, the Minis have been taken into the hearts of the people of North Devon and that’s how we can do what we do and get away with it.

The Grand Tour could not work without some very special help and we have our own Noble Knights and Brave Damsels who ride motorbikes, they stop us getting lost especially the lead Mini because he has no sense of direction at all. Our Knights and Damsels do not stop the traffic but they do ask the car drivers if it is ok for us to pass, few ever say no these days.