Our Chief Crew Member is all hope lost and our new HiVis Vests

Hi Vis 3


We are always on the lookout for new crew members because without them the LGT could not go on.

So have you ever wondered what the LGT looks like from the outside looking in because you get a completely different perspective of the whole event.

So why would you want to be a crew member well you can and then there’s as well as lots of other things you will also get to know just how strange the mini owners who do the LGT are and just how big it is. But more important they will get to know you.

So what’s in it for you, well you pay the same price as everyone else but half of your registration fee will be given to the CHSW at the end of the weekend. We have done it this way to make sure we get the right type of person acting as a marshal and to make sure we do not have more crew members than mini owners taking part.

If you fancy being a crew member this year all you have to do is email me at ndgt@btinternet.com. and closer to the event I will send you a form that you have to sign and bring with you along with some other paper work.