Keep Calm and Drive the Legendary Grand Tour

Small Cars, Big Hearts

These small cars really do have big hearts – Raising Money & Smiles for many years now.

This year is very special because we are driving towards our half million pound mark, I know it has taken us a long time, but at the end of this year we will drive past that marker and be on our way to the next half million. Between us over the last two decades, we must have travelled millions of miles to get where we are, but it has been a lot of fun and well worth it.

In the past, the event has brought us into conflict with the Police, and we have been called into the station occasionally, but we would come out with no less than what we went in with, and the event remained the same, just a few more rules. One or two of the County Councils have given us an odd headache but so what we have made a lot more friends than we have enemies.

This year we have given the CHSW £24,242.13p, but we must not forget how many other charities and associations the LGT supports every year.

We have published these figures, not to boast but to protect our event and to remind all those Councillors and Council Officers if we have raised this amount of money for charity how much have we brought into the communities of North Devon & Torridge over the past 21 years.

This is what we have done over the years and just some of the Charities we have supported.

  • £6,000
    To extend the messy playroom at Little Bridge House
  • £14,000
    To help the ND Journal’s appeal to build Toad Hall (Little Bridge House)
  • £130,000
    To pay for and equip the Messy Play Room at Charlton Farm
  • £93,000
    To pay for and equip the Messy play Room at Little Harbour
    Supply car and have it converted
    Supply a very special cot
  • £36,000
    Supply an oxygen generator
    Update Toad Hall with new equipment
    Supply 2 New Minibuses and have converted
  • £390,600
    Total money raised for the CHSW before 2015 figure from the CHSW.
  • £28,612
    Total this year (2015) to update the messy play at Little Bridge House.
  • Total this year (2016) £24,242

You may be surprised but our events have supported a few other Charities.

  • Incubator for the Special care baby unit Barnstaple £1,750
  • £25,000
    Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity
  • £15,000
    Demelza House Children’s Hospice
  • Help the Heroes
  • Bideford Lions
  • British Heart Foundation
  • Lee Abbey
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Bideford Youth Pipe & Drums
  • Total donations over the past 20 years over £15,00o