Think it is about time I let everyone know I am still here and have enjoyed my break from the LGT but really looking forward to getting started on the 23RD chapter. Last years total has not quite reached the £25,000 but it soon will.  For the odd 1 or 2 of you who are interested in returning here are the Dates.


Wednesday 22nd August Campsite Opens for the week.

Saturday 25th August The Big Sheep Mini Show and Evening Cruise.

Sunday 26th August The Sunday Run. Westward Ho! Hartland Quay & Dartington Crystal.

Monday 27th August . The Big One. Bideford Park to Ilfracombe via Little Bridge House.

Wednesday 29th August The campsite closes.


So what happens next, well if you took part in this years LGT you will receive your booking form without doing anything, we sent them out automatically  (That is unless my computer says NO!) at the end of January or thereabouts. If you have not done it before, then you had better email me and let me know you are interested.

The LGT is very special, but we will not break any records we are more than happy with the 230 assorted Minis or MINIS that we take out. We stopped being interested in quantity a long time ago, and now we are much more interested in quality.   Oh, and we do not care what type of Mini you drive as long as you’re a nice person your welcome.

We will never promise you that we will get thousands of people out into the streets to watch you go by, but we do. We cannot promise you the convoy will not get broken up because it does but we have regrouping point along the way, and our Motorbike Marshals do a fantastic Job. We cannot promise you your arm will not fall off from waving at everyone; it just fills as it will. But we can promise you we will not get a police escort been there and done that, and for that, we are extremely grateful.

If you do not know we have a new LGT page specially for Videos and Pictures, so if you haven’t already take a look at it and do not be afriad to use it.

The page is