LGT 2016 TicketsThe LGT is not far away now and you will be receiving your tickets very shortly and for the first time in 21 years they do not have our logo on, neither is there any Motorbikes on them but instead they have butterflies. So what the significance of Butterflies, well along time ago the Children’s Hospice would have used Dragonflies to help explain to a young child about death. How first there is the larva or Caterpillar stage and then there is the important part the Transformation Stage or the Chrysalis Stage and from that emerges a beautiful butterfly. That is a very short explanation for a very complicated situation. The last time I went around Little Bridge House which was a few years ago I saw some incredible paintings of Dragonflies done by the Children in the messy play room. Now the Dragonflies have just been replaced by Butterflies but both help the Children come to terms with dying.

You may think that your tickets are the most important bit of paper I have sent you but they are not. The most important bit of paper is your sponsorship form because the money we raise will always go towards something special. So please fill it up because you can always ask me for another one.  PS your grill plaques are going to be the same as the tickets this year

Sponsorship form 2 cut